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Argentinian Empanadas


Empanada is the most traditional and popular dish in Argentina. 
They are made by folding dough over a filling and then cooking the resulting turnover, either by baking or frying. Empanadas may contain meat, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, etc., and also sweet ingredients, such as fruit jams and preserves, Dulce de Leche and nuts, among others.

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• It’s found in every home and in every social environment.

• Is the best substitute of pizza, but more nutritious and easier to handle.

• In one single meal it is possible to taste different flavors, no matter consumers’ nutritional habits.

• Ideal at any time (breakfast, lunch, dinner), any place (home, office, school, stadium, etc.), and any occasion (weddings, birthdays, friends gathering, corporate meetings, etc.)

This product is available for wholesale purchase

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