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Empanada Europe

The company

We are a food factory established in 2018 in Budapest, focused on manufacturing and selling the most representative food products from the argentinian kitchen keeping it’s original flavors and spirit.

Factory Features

We are commited to progress, innovation, and well done work.

Frozen products

Expertise in frozen goods

Guaranteed supply

Highly trained staff

Automatized Production

Innovative production line


HCCPA & IFS Certified

Mission & Vision

An empanada for everyone

Our mission is to provide the most versatile frozen and ready-to-eat food options at any moment of the day, inspiring people to discover a new taste experience in each product whatever their philosophy of life.
Empanada Europe permanently strives to be in the top of mind of the consumers when they think of enjoying affordable quality food for any occasions.

Our core values are:

• Responsibility in all aspects: business, social, and environmental
• Quality as a flag
• Passion for our work and our products
• Teamwork as the natural way of doing things

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