What is an empanada?
“Empanada, long story short.”

No one can get out in Argentina and do not find one empanada store on the way. In fact, Empanada is the national’s famous food snack. History tells us something funny though: the empanadas have their origins in Iberia, specifically Galicia (North of Spain) as well as in Portugal. They first appeared in medieval Iberia during the time of the Moorish invasions in the middle age and the name comes from the Spanish verb “empanar”, literally translates as “embraced”, which means wrapped or coated in bread..

The dish was then kept throughout the years and was later carried to Latin America by Spanish colonists in the XVI century, becoming gradually so popular until it could claim its place as one of the favourite top consumed food product in the region.

The years have then passed by and it the story brings us to 2019, Budapest and a new chapter is about to come… welcome to the world of empanadas, welcome to Empanada Story!

The Company
“Empanada Story – a slow cooking journey”

The history of the company, founders and more:
“The empanada story is a slow cooking project over the last few years. The idea was initially brought to Hungary by one of the company founders who lived in Buenos Aires for 15 years during his childhood. The product was so unique and famous in Argentina that he started wondering why not also to have it here. An international team of 4 members who immediately got addicted to the product idea was the needed motion for the journey to begin.


The fact that the base of the empanada is so simple, and flexible at the same way, made us start an endeavoring course on the secret details of the argentine cuisine. During months there were searches put in place for the right chef’s engagement, ingredients setup and how to connect it with the pace of today’s life, food trends and multiculturalism.


Friends, it has been such a ride we may say! While all the company structure was being settled and the all details ultimate, our team of argentine chefs were relentlessly feasting us with dozens of new trials every week, always pursuing the final and balanced list of flavors that could fit into our company vision: Produce an amazing, healthy conscious, affordable food, that everyone can eat everywhere. After all we realized that’s what it counts: Make yours, and our day, better every day”

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