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Every story counts

Empanada is a tasty meal for all times, all places and all occasions. Empanada is sharing, empanada is community.

Discover our products straight from Argentina


Empanada is the most traditional and popular dish in Argentina.


The Argentinian sweet bite.


Sauces deepen the Argentinian culinary experience.


Traditional Argentinean goods in jars.


Unique craft beverages, made with mate tea.

Empanada, long story short

More than just another food

It's traditional

Directly from Argentina...

Doing better everyday on what we know best.

Traditional argentinean flavor at the tip of your fingers.

Say no more.

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It's renewed to the modern lifestyle

Eat on the street or home. Make it quickly. Refreshing new tastes.

Lets talk about business

We use our foods and service to achieve quantifiable business goals, build a strong partnerships early on and empower our partners to continue maintaining a consisten business growth.


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